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Tänavu Madridi Realist Müncheni Bayernisse siirdunud James Rodriguez on oma abikaasast ja lapse emast lahku läinud.

Rodriguez abiellus 2010. aastal Daniela Ospinaga, kes on huvitaval kombel Londoni Arsenali puurivahi David Ospina õde. Mõlemad vutimehed kuuluvad Kolumbia koondisesse.

Nüüd on paari abielu aga purunenud, sest Rodriguez pettis Ospinat Venemaalt pärit modelliga.


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A lot of my followers asked me which of the #StarWars characters is my favorite. I think this is #DarthVader. I watched the film a hundred times and a hundred times convinced that young #AnakinSkywalker was guided only by good intentions in their actions. The chain of circumstances simply pushed Anakin to the #DarkSide, although in his heart he remained devoted to his ideals. First of all, this is too bureaucratized teacher #ObiWanKenobi, who absolutely didn't make any corrections to the uniqueness of the situation of the young #Skywalker. Secondly, the problems and double standards of the #JediOrder, which actually led Anakin's lost of his mother and family. And of course, the final point was the battle of #MaceWindu vs #Palpatin, where Anakin saw no differences between #jedi and #sith. The situation is very similar to real life, in which any following extreme points, whether the #lightside or the dark side does not bring anything good. Not stupid ceremonies but the force is realy important.That's why I always respect Darth Vader and #QuiGon. I look forward to the development of the history of #GrayJedi. Who is your favorit character? May the force be with you #helga #helgamodel #episodeVIII #starwarsfan #starwarsday #starwarsart #maytheforcebewithyou #theforceawakens #stormtrooper #r2d2 #LukeSkywalker 😈

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